Prayer to the Almighty!

Oh! God! The Almighty!

Please Make me more worthy so that Many can get inspired & strengthened while looking at me.

Make me useful unto others.

Make me work & earn more so that I can give more to the need.

With Tons Of Love & Gratitude
+VE Anthony Muthu

Rev: Anger Management

1. Expectation breeds frustration. Frustration breeds anger.

2. Say ‘Sorry’ at the right moment to reduce the anger of others.

3. For every 5 minutes you are angry, you loose 300 seconds of happiness.

4. A short pencil is better than a long memory. Use it to reduce your anger.

5. Never get angry with someone who has nothing to loose.

6. Do not just catch others in doing wrong things. It will make you angry.

7. You can not change others as easily as you can change yourself.

8. Nobody can disgrace us other than ourselves. So why get angry?

9. Never reply to a letter when you are angry.

10. Accept what you can not change and change what you can not accept.

11. Do not criticize, condemn, and complain because it makes you angry.

12. The key to anger reduction is ‘Know thyself’.

13. The match stick has head but no brain.

Thanks to
Rev.Fr. Paul Rajareegam
U. S. A

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