Prayer to the Almighty!

Oh! God! The Almighty!

Please Make me more worthy so that Many can get inspired & strengthened while looking at me.

Make me useful unto others.

Make me work & earn more so that I can give more to the need.

With Tons Of Love & Gratitude
+VE Anthony Muthu

If you are Hurt by Someone...! (A letter from the Universe)

My Dear Friend....!

If you are Hurt by Someone...!

You can rest assured, My Friend, that those who have hurt you had absolutely no idea of what they were doing and what was really going on.

It never occurred to them that you'd become even more magnificent.

That they'd be invoking your sympathy, adding to your compassion, and increasing your "sparkles."

And it will still be eons before they can grasp that you actually welcomed them into your life and played their little games for some of these very reasons.


Love you with all of my heart,
The Universe

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Armless Girl Gets A Pilot License--What a Brave Girl...fortidude, perseverance, courage and will power all combined....


The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling!
And even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!!!

Oxford and Cambridge have now decided to remove the words CAN'T and IMPOSSIBLE from their dictionary
Jessica Cox, 25, a girl born without arms, stands inside an aircraft. The girl from Tucson, Arizona got the Sport Pilot certificate lately and became the first pilot licensed to fly using only her feet.
Jessica Cox of Tucson was born without arms, but that has only stopped her from doing one thing: using the word "can't."
Her latest flight into the seemingly impossible is becoming the first pilot licensed to fly using only her feet.
With one foot manning the controls and the other delicately guiding the steering column, Cox, 25, soared to achieve a Sport Pilot certificate. Her certificate qualifies her to fly a light-sport aircraft to altitudes of 10,000 feet.
"She's a good pilot. She's rock solid," said Parrish Traweek, 42, the flying instructor at San Manuel's Ray Blair Airport.
Parrish Traweek runs PC Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Services and has trained many pilots, some of whom didn't come close to Cox's abilities.
"When she came up here driving a car," Traweek recalled, "I knew she'd have no problem flying a plane."
Doctors never learned why she was born without arms, but she figured out early on that she didn't want to use prosthetic devices.

Deep Sleep

I really do not know how this video was taken, But when I saw it I smiled first.

The person who is sleeping was none other than me...

:-) :-)

What I want to say was we have to learn to smile, at everything in our life.

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