Prayer to the Almighty!

Oh! God! The Almighty!

Please Make me more worthy so that Many can get inspired & strengthened while looking at me.

Make me useful unto others.

Make me work & earn more so that I can give more to the need.

With Tons Of Love & Gratitude
+VE Anthony Muthu

10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration , By Aine Belton, 9 & 10

9. Have fun

Fun will attract success into your life like iron filings to a magnet.

It is the antidote to stress, struggle, tediousness and seriousness.

When you are having fun you are open and sharing of who you are and ride on the current of spontaneity and joy.

What brings you fun, happiness and joy? Commit to more of it in all areas of your life!

10. Love, Love, Love!

Love yourself and others.

There may be times this is easier than others, but make it your overriding intention.

Love lies at the heart of all that you seek, and separation from it lies at the root of your troubles and pain.

Let love be a guiding light in your life that will steer your ship through stormy waters back to the shore of truth, happiness and joy.

We all love to love and be loved!

It doesn't get better than that!

It is the highest vibration there is.

The more you love yourself and others, the happier, brighter and more successful your life will become.

1. Take Responsibility
2. Gratitude
3. Trust
4. Suspend judgment
5. Meditate
6. Honor your emotions
7. Know you are loved
8. Forgive yourself and others
9. Have fun
10. Love, Love, Love!

"Its never too late
to be what you
might have been"
- George Elliott

Hearty Thanx to.... Aine Belton

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10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration , By Aine Belton, 7 & 8

7. Know you are loved

You are loved totally and unconditionally by the source of creation.

There is nothing you need do to win that love and nothing you can do to lose it.

Becoming aware of this truth connects you to your inherent value,
increases your sense of worth and deserving,
heals pain of separation and loneliness...
and opens you to the love that is there for you in every moment.

8. Forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness of self and others is the ultimate mind-body-soul detox.

It liberates you from whole clusters of toxic emotions and sets you free from draining attachments.

It can also set you free from feelings of guilt, shame and undeserving that block you from happiness and success.

In forgiving another you are also forgiving yourself.

It is an immensely powerful force for healing and... transformation and a most gracious gift you can give yourself and another.


Hearty Thanx to.... Aine Belton

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10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration , By Aine Belton, 5 & 6

5. Meditate

Meditation allows a calm and balanced perspective to be reached and negativity to wash away and dissipate.

It creates a gateway through which you can access higher states of consciousness and connect to the love and wisdom of your Higher Self.

Meditation returns you to a place of clarity, truth and peace and allows your energy to clear, align, balance and recharge.

6. Honor your emotions

Honor your emotions and listen to what they are telling you about what's going on inside.

If they are negative or uncomfortable what thoughts or beliefs are they pointing to that may need changing or aligning?

Express and release your feelings rather than deny, repress, control or judge them.

This doesn't mean wallowing in them or giving them undue attention if they do not serve you (i.e. nip that self-pity in the bud!), nor does it mean venting at someone inappropriately (writing a letter and burning it would be far 'cleaner').

Honour your emotions by accepting them and allowing them to be released.


Hearty Thanx to.... Aine Belton

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10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration , By Aine Belton, 3 & 4

3. Trust

Trust takes you towards happy desired outcomes in a magical, effortless way.

Trust yourself and your power as a creator. Trust the universe and the gifts it wishes to bestow open you.

Trust the doors that are opening and those that are closing.

Relinquish control and allow yourself to be carried along the river of trust that will take you to your goals with grace and ease.

4. Suspend judgment

Judging others or yourself lowers and constricts your energy and separates you from love, truth and joy.

It is a way of making yourself superior and above another by making them 'less than' or 'wrong'.

It can be a way you deny your own self-judgments by projecting your guilt onto another.

The more you love and accept yourself, the less you judge others. We all make mistakes.

Seek to forgive, love and understand both the one you are tempted to judge and any potential shadows within you that they are reflecting.


Hearty Thanx to.... Aine Belton

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10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration , By Aine Belton, 1& 2

Below are some timeless tips that will help you raise your vibration to enhance your manifesting success and connect more to the radiant truth of your being and the bountiful nature of reality.

1. Take Responsibility

As James Allen says, "Circumstance does not make a man, it reveals him to himself'.

The more you take responsibility for your life, the more you are able to change it.

Responsibility is freedom and empowerment. Become conscious of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes that are creating your world.

Take responsibility for them and choose those that serve you and your world.

2. Gratitude

Gratitude opens your heart and connects you and aligns your vibration to that which you feel grateful for and as such attracts more of the same into your life.

It is a way to give (in its appreciation) and receive (by the opening and expansion of that giving).

The more you value and appreciate something, the more there will be to value and appreciate.


Hearty Thanx to.... Aine Belton

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A Single Golden Thread By Jules

Consider for a moment an ant colony and how the colony of ants functions and you may well begin to notice the similarities between this eco-system and the human brain and how our thoughts affect the quantum dynamic.

Each ant is on an individual mission of it’s own, but at the same time, it could be said that if a number of ants join together, they are all on individual missions and a new joint mission at the same time.

Whether they are working alone or in a combined group, their actions are for the greater good of the collective consciousness of the colony.

This may have been called a paradox in the past, but in a new quantum world, we are asked to comprehend a Universe of unlimited possibilities where individual quantum particles are able to appear in multiple locations at the same time.

So how does this relate to the human/huwoman brain?

When we have a thought, our brains fire a neuron across the neural network and make connections much in the same way as an ant might leave the colony and report back a source of food, etc. In both cases, a path is mapped and this path is strengthened every time the same thought/mission is replayed.

Neurons may collide and join with other neurons to form new neural pathways, but similar to the ants, they are both on individual and joint missions at the same time.

If we begin to consider the macro dynamic, we could conclude that our thoughts are projected outward into the Universe as a stream of consciousness with a definite purpose, but what begins to happen when a multitude of these streams with a common interest join forces?

One could imagine that this new super-stream may be capable of forging far greater quantum pathways across the Universe which in turn would increase the chances of a shift in the quantum dynamic. It would quite literally, change reality.

Quantum physics states that the observer in any experiment has a direct affect on the outcome but in terms of our individual and collective consciousness stream, can we change the word observer for the word intention?

If our collective intentions are focused in a particular direction, then surely, the Universe will interpret this on a quantum level and our reality will be created according to our intentions.

I guess my point is that if we are intent on raising global consciousness, we must all be clear what reality we are going to manifest for ourselves from the outset.

Without clear intention on our part, the Universe may have trouble interpreting the message. It could appear like 7 billion badly tuned radios all broadcasting at the same time.

So what do we want for our reality? What do we really, really, want?


Discover the quantum method for manifesting all your dreams. Just released - The Dream Manifestation Wizard. Download it here now.

To subscribe to Jules’ new weekly Quantum Success Newsletter, please click here : Subscribe today and pick up your free copy of ’The Little Book of Ultimate Power’ as a personal ‘Thank You’!

Hearty Thanx to.... Jules

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Law of Attraction and Gratitude - 7 Steps For Attraction Success and Creating with Gratitude by Pete Koerner

Gratitude is one of the more important ingredients for successfully using the Law of Attraction. By “successful,” I simply mean that there are many ways to simply get what you want; but to get what you want, to feel good about it, to enjoy it, and to have the experience of it without creating what some would call, “Bad Karma,” you need to consider using the power of Gratitude in all of your “attraction actions.” Here’s a seven-step process for creating or attracting what you want by using gratitude:

1. Determine what you have, acknowledge it as a gift, and be grateful. Don’t dwell on your circumstances, or continue to repeat or harp on current conditions; just be grateful and focus on a positive version of your goal or desire.

2. Decide what you want; be specific, positive, excited, and grateful. Be grateful for the awareness, opportunity, possibility, and ultimate experience of whatever you hope to create or experience.

3. Declare that you have specifically what you desire - giving thanks, appreciation, gratitude, etc, as if you have already received your answer or desire.

4. Affirm your desire specifically - positively declaring how grateful you are for experiencing your desire.

5. Believe in your affirmation and desires; feel the reality, emotion, and gratitude of and for your desire.

6. Accept, Allow, and Act on the things and inspirations that come to you - joyfully and gratefully moving toward your desire each day and allowing “what you want” to become “what you have.”

7. Experience what you want as a reality - recognizing your desire or answer in any form it takes - being grateful and happy always. Keep your eyes open and pay attention; many people think their prayers aren’t answered and their dreams don’t come true because they “muddy the water” of their mind and thoughts and simply don’t recognize the answer or experience when it comes to pass.

When you see other people experiencing what you want, or what you want to experience, don’t be jealous or impatient; be grateful that your desire is possible, be grateful that others are able to create the experience you are seeking (which means you can, too), and be grateful for the reminder and model of what you are striving to create and experience for yourself. It might seem difficult, or even counter-intuitive, at first to be thankful for something you don’t have; but, with a little practice and reflection, you will soon see that this is the most effective method for getting what you want and for gradually reshaping your life into a truly rewarding experience all around.

*To download your FREE, Illustrated Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Manual, go to: (It only takes about 10-seconds to get your Free EFT manual and start erasing fears, phobias, resentment, anger, worry, anxiety, negative self-talk, painful memories and emotions, and limiting beliefs that could be holding you back and ruining your life, health, and relationship. EFT can help you quickly and easily remove obstacles to successful attraction/creation/manifestation.)

Pete Koerner is the author of The Belief Formula: The Secret to Unlocking the Power of Prayer. The Belief Formula is a look at how you can use ancient wisdom and modern scientific awareness to learn how to use your mind to reclaim your health and create the life of your dreams.

For a Free Report on Making The Belief Formula Work for You, visit:

Article Source:—7-Steps-For-Attraction-Success-and-Creating-With-Gratitude&id=1693397

Hearty Thanx to.... Pete Koerner

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10 Tips For Loving Your Enemy

So let’s say you think it’s a worthy goal … how do you actually go about it? I can’t claim to know all the answers.

I’ve been working on this myself, and exploring these ideas in my life … but I have not overcome this challenge.

I’ve made progress, and I’m proud of that … but I have a long way to go.

However, here are some things I’m working on myself … I hope they can be of some use to you:

1) Stop, breathe, detach yourself.
When you think about your “enemy”, you most likely have feelings of anger or something along those lines.

Instead of letting those feelings overcome you and determine your actions, stop yourself. Be aware of the feelings.

Take a deep breath (or ten) and take a step back. Now see if you can detach yourself.

Imagine yourself floating out of your body and looking down on the situation as an objective observer.

You are no longer you.

This person has no longer done anything to you or someone you love … they’ve done it to someone else.

Seeing the situation objectively is the first step — it’s too difficult to overcome the feelings if you’re in the middle of the situation.

2) Put yourself in their shoes.

Now that you’ve removed yourself from the situation, and you’re looking down on it from above … try going down into the other person’s body and head.

Imagine yourself becoming that person.

What is that person like, from inside?

How did they get to be the person they are?

What have they gone through? Why would they possibly have done what they did? And how did they feel about it?

You’ll have to use your imagination.

But try to imagine this person as a real human being, not just someone who is evil or wrong.

All human beings try to do good things, but they make mistakes, or they have different perspectives.

Seeing the situation from the other person’s perspective is very difficult, but very important.

3) Seek to understand.
That, of course, is the objective of putting yourself in their shoes.

But it’s important to stress it here, because if you can understand what they did and why they did it, you can take the next steps (below).

Really try to understand, even if you don’t want to.

4) Seek to accept.
Instead of fighting what has happened and who this person is, and wanting them to be different or to do things differently … accept them for who they are.

Accept what has happened as a part of life. Accept that things can’t be different, because they have already happened.

Accept that this person can’t be different, because that’s who they are. This, too, is a very difficult step, but if we cannot accept, we cannot love.

5) Forgive, and let the past go.
Ah, maybe the most difficult step of all, but I’m sure you saw this coming.

Can you truly forgive this person for what they’ve done, in your heart?

If you’ve detached yourself, you’ve sought to understand, and you’ve accepted them and what has happened … it should be easier.

Try to think about this: what happened is in the past.

It cannot be changed. You can either hate what’s happened in the past, and change nothing but be angry … or you can accept it and move on.

Let it go. It will do nothing but eat you up. Once you’ve let go of the past … let go of your feelings about what this person has done.

Move on.

Those feelings can do you no good.

6) Find something to love.
If you can forgive, and release those bad feelings … you are left with neutrality, most likely.

You want to replace that with love.

And how do you do this? You find something in that person to love.

It could be anything … their smile, their willingness to help someone, their generosity, their stubbornness even.

Find something admirable or lovable. There’s something like that in everyone. You might have to get to know that person better, which in itself can be difficult.

7) See them as yourself, or a loved one.
If the above step proves too difficult, it is probably because you don’t know that person well enough. Instead, project yourself into them.

See them as similar to yourself in some ways. Or think of them as similar in some way to a loved one — and use those similarities to find something to love.

8) Find common ground.
We have things in common with just about everyone, if we look hard enough.

That might be common interests, shared or common experiences while growing up or working, people you know or love in common, personality traits in common.

This common ground will help you relate to the person better.

9) Open your heart.
Another very difficult step. Our hearts tend to remain closed to most people, as a defensive mechanism.

We are afraid of being vulnerable, of getting rejected or hurt.

And yet, this closing off of our hearts is what blocks us from happiness many times, what blocks us from forming relationships, what blocks us from loving and finding love.

Even if we’re able to open our hearts to our loved ones but no one else … that’s limiting ourselves.

This is a great challenge, and something that really can only happen with practice.

Try it here, with your former enemy … even if you can just open your heart a little, that’s the only way you’ll find love for the person.

10) Reach out to them.
It’s one thing to feel love for the person … but quite another to express it in some way.

There are many ways to express love, of course — some ways you might consider are telling them, saying nice things to them, having an open discussion about what’s happened or your feelings, giving them a hug, doing something nice for them, smiling, making a joke.

“Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” - Abraham Lincoln

Hearty Thanx to....

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Using visualization to change limiting beliefs by IAIN

My Hearty Thanx to the Orginal Post, Posted here by IAIN...

It’s easy to overlook the power of limiting beliefs and spend years wondering why you can’t seem to move forward and make lasting changes in your life.

Though you might have grand dreams of living a better life, limiting beliefs will keep prodding you to act in ways that are counterproductive to those dreams.

Everything you do (or don’t do) is based on an internal set of subconscious beliefs. In some situations these beliefs can be helpful, but they can also cause big problems by placing limitations where none really exist.

For example, if you hold a subconscious belief that you don’t have what it takes to create a successful career, you’ll find yourself taking jobs that offer little opportunity for promotion or advancement - or even satisfaction.

No matter how badly you want to experience more success in your career, you’ll continue to think and act in ways that make it impossible to do so.

Limiting beliefs can be difficult to change because we often don’t realize they exist! They reside in our subconscious minds and rarely make themselves known in obvious ways.

Rather, we usually become aware of them when we decide to make changes in our lives and keep bumping up against invisible walls.

Visualization is one powerful tool that can be effective in changing limiting beliefs, because the process of visualization speaks directly to the subconscious mind and plants more empowering messages - which can override the limiting beliefs.

Before you enter into the visualization process, it’s a good idea to figure out what kind of limiting beliefs you suspect you may have.

Asking yourself specific questions and writing down your answers can be an illuminating way to find out. Try questions like these for starters:

# Am I making as much money as I want? If not, why not?
# Do I love my career, or would I rather be doing something else?
# Am I happy with the size and state of my body? If not, why not?
# Am I happy with the things I’ve achieved in my life so far?
# What else would I like to achieve?
# Do I really believe I’m capable of doing these things?
# If not, why not?

As you write down your answers to these questions, you’ll likely notice some limiting beliefs popping up in response.

For example, when you ask why you’re not yet making the amount of money you desire, your answer might be, “I’m earning as much as I can at my current job, and there are no other prospects for me to get a better job right now.”

As much as that might appear to be true, it’s a limiting belief! In other words, you THINK it’s true, but it’s simply your perception.

Once you’ve identified a limiting belief, write it down like these examples:

# I don’t believe I can make more money than I do now.
# I don’t believe I deserve a healthy, loving relationship.
# I don’t believe I can have a better career than I do now.
# I don’t believe I will ever be able to lose weight.

Once you’ve got a list of limiting beliefs, perform a visualization exercise daily and imagine that the opposite is true.

For example, call up mental images of yourself receiving a great new job, or stumbling upon unexpected opportunities to boost your income in other ways.

Be sure to actually move yourself into the feelings of these visions as if you were really experiencing them rather than just “seeing” them in your mind.

It will take time and consistent effort to change your belief in what is possible, but the more you focus on consciously believing in the possibilities, the more you’ll begin to let go of your inner limitations and open to better circumstances.

Even better, the greatest part about this process is that you don’t need to know “how” something is possible - you just need to be willing to believe it is, and that is often enough to attract new opportunities that will change everything.

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Meditation Training Part 1 with The Meditation Mind

My Hearty Thanx to the Orginal Post, Posted here....

The success of movies such as “The Secret” and “What the Bleep Do We Know” show that people are interested and ready to hear about the similarities of science, energy, and spirituality. I dragged everyone I knew to the What the Bleep movie. And I was so pumped up to apply the law of attraction after watching The Secret I was making affirmation cards the same night!

The premise around the law of attraction is that thoughts have energy that affects our universe. This is not an easy concept to grasp. Even if your intuition tells you that it is possible (or probable), that is often not enough evidence for people to have faith that thoughts truly have energy behind them.

What I would like to do with you over the course of the next few months is give you practical exercises and tools to experience the energy in your body. As it becomes more comfortable to experience the energy, then we can move on to the fun stuff – applying that energy with consciously directed thought.

Over time you will find that your focus has increased and you can use that focus to help create anything you wish for in your life. You will be able to use your mind to experience deep levels of meditation. Deep meditative states are fertile ground to use your mental energy for your benefit, your family’s benefit, and the world around you.

The first lesson is to learn how to sit and breathe with your energy. This can be as simple or complex as you wish to make it. Let’s choose simple and experience it right now. Here is the process:

1. Close your eyes and mouth, put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, and take 5 deep breaths at your body’s natural breathing pace.
2. Picture a moment in your life that made feel full of joy and happiness. For me, I think of the first time my wife told me she loved me (right before we went sky-diving!).
3. Now that you have selected a moment, step into the moment like you are living it right now. Remember the room or area you were in, the sun or wind against your face, try to remember yourself breathing in that moment, and then really tune into the emotion of the moment. Re-enact in your mind the trigger that made you feel the joy and happiness.
4. When the happy emotions are inside of you, continue to focus on the feeling of joy. Breathe in and out with your eyes and mouth closed, just enjoying the euphoria running through you.
5. Picture and feel the joy expanding throughout your chest. Now it radiates the length of your spine and engulfs you. Continue breathing and staying with the feeling until you are ready to come back.
6. Take note of how your body and mind feel right now.

If you followed along with me, you probably feel great right now. You have to love the power of your mind in meditation! The joy that was radiating in your body was your body’s energy. This has been scientifically proven in countless studies and the popular book HeartMath Solution.

But there is no greater proof in my book than personal experience. Each month we will learn a meditation to explore our energy and its wonderful u

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Using NLP to motivate yourself by IAIN

We all feel frozen, unsure of our abilities, scared of the unknown at some point, but if you really want success you WILL need to step out of your comfort zone.

The first step is the hardest… but it gets easier once you get going.

… but you HAVE to be brave. Remember WHY you want to achieve your goals. Use visualization and affirmation techniques to keep you focused on the outcome.

Once you get going you’ll gain momentum. You’ll grow in strength and confidence. Be brave, it’s worth it…

… and it’s ok NOT to think positive thoughts all the time. It’s natural. We all have biorhythms, and that means our moods swing up and down each month. Naturally.

Trying to think positive thoughts all day when you’re feeling down will drive you insane!

Make the most of your positive days and work hard towards your goals.

If you’re feeling down and start to feel stressed, take a step away from your goals and just relax. Stop worrying. You’ll only attract the things you’re worrying about.

Take a walk. Take a vacation. Have some fun.

It’s all about balance and working with the flow… instead of fighting with yourself.

Or feeling guilty because you’re not fighting at all…

If fears and doubts are holding you back from making progress on your goals this motivation exercise may help get you started -

NLP Mind Power Technique For Motivation
Think about the most important BIG goal you’ve set yourself. Think about how you’d like to be really motivated to reach it, and to be really motivated to take action on those smaller goals that will lead you there.

Now, think back to a time in the past when you were really motivated. Think about how you took action on that motivation and did whatever it was you set out to do.

Run through that event and make the pictures bigger, brighter and more colourful. Feel what you felt and suck that motivation into your body as if you were there now, doing it again for the first time.

Make the emotions stronger and stronger, and keep building up the feeling of taking action and successfully doing what you set out to do. Run the story through your mind several times, each time building the momentum.

Now, as your motivation builds up, rub the palm of your dominant hand on your thigh. As you do so, think about even more occasions when you were highly motivated and increase those sensations even further.

Keep rubbing your thigh, and know that whenever you want to call upon that highly motivated feeling, all you have to do is rub your thigh.

Finally, while still rubbing your thigh, think about your most important BIG goal and all of the smaller goals you must complete to make it. Imagine reaching them with everything going well, reaching that big goal right on your deadline.

Can you see what we’re doing here? We are taking your motivation – which you clearly have – and adding it first to the motion of rubbing your palm on your thigh, and secondly adding that motivation to the thought processes of reaching your most important goal.

Now the great thing is that you can do that exercise for every goal you set yourself. By imagining it all going perfectly well and reaching every goal on time, you’re increasing your self-belief and getting your motivation flowing around your body.

And when you’re highly motivated and you take action on that motivation then you’re much more likely to reach your smaller goals which, in turn, breeds even more motivation.

If it helps, do that exercise a few times. You’ll soon feel incredibly motivated and, when your motivation starts to subside, rub your palm on your thigh to start bringing back all of those amazing motivational feelings!

And if at any point in the future you find your rub-your-thigh motivational trigger subsiding, simply do the entire exercise again.

Hearty Thanx to.... IAIn LEGG

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The Law of Attraction - Meaning and Definitions (By Remez Sasson)

The law of attraction is the attractive, magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. It manifests through the power of creation, everywhere and in multiple ways. Even the law of gravity is part of the law of attraction. This law attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations and circumstances.

The law of attraction manifests through your thoughts, by drawing to you thoughts and ideas of a similar kind, people who think like you, and also corresponding situations and circumstances. It is the law and power that brings together people of similar interests, who unite into various groups, such as political groups, sports teams, sports fans, fraternities, etc.

Can you take advantage of this law? Yes, you can!

You do so, through Creative Visualization
and Affirmations.
. By visualizing a mental image of what you want to achieve or by repeating positive statements, which are called affirmations, you create and bring into your life what you visualize or repeat in your mind. In other words, you use the power of your mind, thoughts, imagination and words.

There have always been people, from ancient times till now, who knew about this law and how to use it. They knew that repeating the same thought day after day, with interest and feeling, causes it to materialize and manifest in their lives.

Here are a few definitions and clarifications about the law of attraction and how it manifests:

# This law is a manifestation of the creative power of the Universe.

# It is through this law that everything is created: galaxies, planets, metals, rocks and even plants, animals and people.

# Like attracts like.

# Thoughts attract corresponding situations and circumstances.

# You get what you think about.

# You attract into your life whatever you focus on.

# Positive thoughts attract positive events. Negative thoughts attract negative events.

# If you entertain feelings and thoughts about hardships and obstacles, then this is what you get.

# If you keep thinking and expecting success, and don't allow doubts enter your mind, you will eventually achieve success.

# It is not enough just to wish for something, you need strong desire and faith to manifest what you want.

# In order for your thoughts to manifest, you have to repeat them often, and add feelings, desire and interest.

# The mind acts like a magnet.

# Similar energy attracts similar energy.

# Your thoughts determine the way you live.

# This law is used by everyone, though mostly unconsciously.

# Filling the mind with worries and anxieties bring stress and unhappiness.

# Filling the mind with happy thoughts will attract happiness into your life.

I invite you to browse this website, and read the articles on creative visualization, affirmations and positive thinking. They all are part of the law of attraction.

Hearty Thanx to Remez Sasson

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Attracting a Job with Mind Power (By Remez Sasson)

You can attract to you the job you desire with the power of your mind, provided of course that you have the proper qualifications. If you don't have the qualifications and your desire is strong, you can learn to develop the necessary qualifications.

Too often, people who seek work accept what they are offered, even if they don't like the job, because they need money. For some, it never occurs at all that they might have a choice.

If you do have a job or you are seeking one, you have a choice. You can attract something better, but you first need to know what do you really want. I am not saying that you can get any job you want, but you can increase your choice and get something better, if you follow certain steps.

Successful people use the power of their minds, though not always consciously. They think in a certain way that puts them above other people. If you intend to be successful, you need to know how to use the power of your mind properly.

What you think about often tends to materialize. What you think about often, with feeling, desire and faith, you can accomplish.

# Think about the kind of job you wish to have. Take account of your qualifications, and whether you really would like to do it. Do not undervalue yourself, but also use your common sense. Even if currently there are no jobs in the field you are seeking, your mind power can create a new one for you.

# At intervals during the day, when you have some free minutes, visualize yourself working at the job of your choice. Make the picture as realistic as possible, with colors, sounds and feelings. Visualize working in harmony with other people, and see yourself loving what you are doing. You may also visualize getting well paid for the job.

# Try to visualize clear mental images, feel positive and successful, and believe that what you are visualizing is already true.

# If you cannot visualize clear mental images, just do your best, use words and put more feeling into your thoughts.

# Repeated thoughts and mental images sink into the subconscious mind, programming it to see and attract opportunities, situations and circumstances that correspond to these thoughts and images.

# Visualization strengthens your ambition and desire, and incites you to take action.

# Repeated thinking about a cerain subject, conditions the mind to see and be aware of relevant opportunities, and awakens the energy and initiative to take advantage of the opportunity.

# Your mind broadcasts your thoughts to the world. They are perceived by other people on the subconscious level, and if these people are in a position to help you, they will. Often, all kinds of "coincidences" happen, just to bring you into contact with the right people at the right time, so that you achieve your desire or aim.

# At the mean time, while looking for a job, don't let thoughts of pessimism, doubts or worries occupy your mind. This might not be so easy, but you need always try to look at the bright side of life, and constantly inspire and motivate yourself to go on feeding your mind with positive mental images.

You have a great power within you. You can use it to help you get a new and better job, and you can use it for almost anything else.

Hearty Thanx to Remez Sasson

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