Prayer to the Almighty!

Oh! God! The Almighty!

Please Make me more worthy so that Many can get inspired & strengthened while looking at me.

Make me useful unto others.

Make me work & earn more so that I can give more to the need.

With Tons Of Love & Gratitude
+VE Anthony Muthu

10 Ways To Raise Your Vibration , By Aine Belton, 7 & 8

7. Know you are loved

You are loved totally and unconditionally by the source of creation.

There is nothing you need do to win that love and nothing you can do to lose it.

Becoming aware of this truth connects you to your inherent value,
increases your sense of worth and deserving,
heals pain of separation and loneliness...
and opens you to the love that is there for you in every moment.

8. Forgive yourself and others

Forgiveness of self and others is the ultimate mind-body-soul detox.

It liberates you from whole clusters of toxic emotions and sets you free from draining attachments.

It can also set you free from feelings of guilt, shame and undeserving that block you from happiness and success.

In forgiving another you are also forgiving yourself.

It is an immensely powerful force for healing and... transformation and a most gracious gift you can give yourself and another.


Hearty Thanx to.... Aine Belton

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